The Municipal Regulations on a Standard Chart of Accounts (MSCOA) is the prescribed standard for the municipality’s financial system.
In preparation for full MSCOA compliance by 1 July 2017, the National Treasury has concluded the process of establishing a panel of service providers for the provision of an Integrated Financial Management and Internal Control System for local government.
MetGovis is proud to be included within that panel of service providers.

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MetGovis is the leader in property and revenue management solutions. Our software suite provides relevant and appropriate information and insight that unlocks municipal revenue and delivers results which make a difference to the bottom line. Our flagship system MetVal is a comprehensive end-to-end valuation management system compliant with the Municipal Property Rates Act.

Since 1993, MetGovis has helped municipalities, valuers and property professionals by providing an accessible and flexible technology platform. Our mission is to provide critical property intelligence that facilitates business decisions and processes.

In short, MetGovis is the intelligent property management solution for municipalities and other property professionals.


A property register consists of accurate property data. It must be established through the alignment of multiple data sets and then maintained. Property is an immovable asset but it isn’t static. Property is bought and sold, sub-divided, consolidated, re-zoned and improved. All these movements trigger changes to the property data contained within the register.

The fiscal sustainability of a municipality depends on effective revenue management. A lack of revenue hampers local authorities in their efforts to deliver essential services to its citizens. An accurate municipal property register is the platform for revenue management. A complete property register supports municipalities in managing their risk and the maximisation of their revenue potential.