Municipal Valuation and Rates Consultancy

MetGovis provides specialist consultancy services on municipal rating and valuation issues to all levels of government, ratepayer associations and other interested stakeholders. MetGovis provides municipalities with independent project management support for their General Valuation projects. Our background in the legislative framework and hands-on operational experience makes MetGovis an ideal choice for the coordination of this technical work, from the development of bid specifications to project close-out.

Data Quality & Data Cleaning

Our technical support capabilities and thorough understanding of property-related data enables MetGovis to provide data-scrubbing support to resolve discrepancies within municipal data sets. A high level of data integrity safe guards revenue streams within the municipality.

Valuation Roll Validations

Statistical analysis through third-party experts which allows municipalities to independently review their valuation rolls

Valuation Services

Market value determination for finance purposes, income tax, investment, municipal rates, equity and shareholding, rental review, etc.

IT Consulting

MetGovis researches, plans and executes IT-related projects. Our team supports clients in troubleshooting and resolving IT related challenges.

Database Design

MetGovis will develop custom databases to meet the needs of your product requirements. Our database designs are aligned to data rationalisation and speed. This ensures that your end product gets the results you need quickly and efficiently. Speak to us about our recent project with KZN Economic Development and Tourism Department's informal vendor project.