MetVal is a property management system that has set the benchmark for legislatively compliant programs. MetVal is capable of managing the entire valuation and rating process from data collection to successful billing and online viewing. MetVal is a Municipal Property Rates Act (MPRA) compliant valuation system that meets the governance and IT requirements of the Auditor-General.

The system provides the database for all the relevant property information and supporting documentation for every property within the municipal jurisdiction.  Valuers may capture data through a tablet or web-enabled application directly to the system.

MetVal integrates the consolidated valuation roll with the billing system on a roll-by-roll basis. It does this in a transparent and accountable way. MetVal has a sophisticated audit trail that doesn’t allow for ad-hoc changes to be made by either the municipality or the valuer.

The MetVal system is able to programmatically report on property data attributes. This quality assurance functionality will enable municipalities to establish whether all property attribute data (data capture form, building sketch, photographs) have been accurately captured against relevant ERF record.

Key benefits of MetVal:

  • Offers Computerised Assisted Mass Appraisal(CAMA) valuation and regression functionality
  • Integrates with Geospatial Information Service (GIS) technology
  • Supports and monitors the General Valuation process
  • Tracks and manages the objection review process
  • Tracks and manages the appeal process and the implementation of Valuation Appeal Board decisions
  • Generates municipal valuation certificates
  • Includes a comprehensive audit trail of all entries with tiered security levels for users. Supports differential rates tariffs and offers tariff modelling support for budget preparation
  • Interfaces seamlessly with the various financial systems used by municipalities as per the National Treasury MSCOA specifications

Software Systems & User Support

MetGovis provides ongoing technical and user support for the MetVal system. While users receive introductory training on the MetVal system it is through the ongoing use of the system that competencies develop. Our user support consultants provide the hand holding through the operational ‘speed humps’. The main focus for municipal users includes the maintenance of property records. Our consultants support property data analysis, report generation and interpretation. This business intelligence supports the effective use of the system by the client.

Tablet Capture Tool

The tablet capture tool simplifies data collection and capture. Data collectors may be deployed with preloaded property data packs to collect data or verify existing data. A hand-held laser measurement tool and tablet application can quickly draw floor-plan sketches and calculate areas from measurements taken on site. The information, along with any photographs, can be uploaded directly to the data base and linked to the correct ERF record.

Metview GIS

A picture is worth a thousand words. Spatial functionality using sophisticated GIS for storing, manipulating, maintaining, analysing and displaying geographic data is essential. This spatially referenced data is ideal for solving operational, management and planning problems. GIS data becomes a powerful analytical tool comprising different information sets that are related geographically. Different information sets can be displayed in a graphic format that allows the user to easily understand the inter-relationships.

MetCon Data Converter

The valuation data converter enables valuers contracted to the municipality to use their preferred tool kit. When the valuer hands in the data to the municipality the MetVal Data Converter will facilitate the seamless conversion of the valuers data to match the municipal data structure. This feature will allow projects to be closed smoothly.

Lease Management System

MetGovis’ lease management system develops comprehensive lease databases and lease management strategies for municipalities and property professionals. This application allows for accurate, up-to-date lease capture within municipal jurisdictions or private sector client portfolios. The solution prompts appropriately timed management actions to maintain the good standing of lease portfolios.