CIGFARO – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

The use of technology, 41R, to manage municipal business

by Janet Channing, Metgovis

The reality is that most municipalities have various data bases and various truths. These BIG datasets reside within various systems. I acknowledge that mSCOA has made these more integrated than previously, but they are not yet seamless. Electricity data doesn’t speak to the water data base, the valuation roll and the financial system data sets are not the same, the town planning layer isn’t up to date, the financial accounts numbers are duplicated, the unique identifier for properties, the Surveyor General’s code, sometimes isn’t unique. The seamless integration between municipal systems is prescribed but operationally we haven’t yet arrived. The slippage is material in terms of municipal revenue. As a municipality using technology to measure your data cleansing efforts towards complete and accurate billing ought to be a primary focus. Monthly reports can show you where the discrepancies were last month, which have been fixed and what still needs attention.

Embrace the technology and your world will be so much easier to measure and manage.

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