Metlease is an application developed for municipalities to support the management of their leased land portfolios. This system allows municipalities to capture and store lease related information electronically. MetLease holds official lease data from property descriptions, lease amounts, escalation clauses, lessee details and contact information as well as any other special conditions of the lease.

One of the MetLease features is to provide reminders regarding lease expiry dates to enable municipal officials to renew leases timeously. The system is set up to accommodate short, medium and long-term leases. Annual rental escalations are calculated ensuring that the municipality optimizes the revenue from its lease portfolio.

The MetLease application may be integrated into our powerful flagship product, the MetVal Valuation Roll Management System, or it may be used independently. The software is designed to be scalable being used by either one person within a small municipality or many people within a large metro land use department. Our software allows for the flagging of an entire piece of land linked to a lease down to small sub-portions of leased property.

The software has been designed to be accessible and easy to use. The menu structure guides the user through the process of logging a new lease application to updating the lease status or moving the pending lease application to an active lease.

The procedures inside the software allow for full audit tracking of all changes done to any lease. All these processes help to ensure there is no irregularity with regard to applying for or maintaining future or current leases.

MetLease includes a range of standard reports to address reporting on leased land portfolios within municipalities. These reports will allow the respective business units report effectively to council and have ready access to all the relevant records required for the Auditor General. If a municipality has bespoke or special reporting requirements a report writer has been included for this purpose.

MetLease has been designed with the parameters of good governance and public accountability in mind. The system allows for users to track workflows. This feature enables a record to be accessed off the application from lodgement through council approval and the notification of the applicant of the successful application. The system may be configured to accommodate specific turn-around times and alerts within application status.