Property Data Collection Online Course

MetGovis has an established history and solid track record with municipal, provincial, and national government for delivering a wide range of municipal system solutions and associated consulting services. We have  collaborated with various education and training/skills development partners to provide services, learning materials and software solutions required to respond to the ever changing skills development landscape within the real estate sector.

Our operational experience is that practical skills are often lacking within the property valuation sector. Yet the accuracy and success of any property valuation is dependent upon the quality of the property attribute data whether collected from a desk top or physical inspection of the property. MetGovis, in conjunction with Enterprises, University of Pretoria, have developed an online course in Property Data Collection.

The purpose of this course is to provide an entry level orientation to property data collection. The course is suitable for any learner who is contemplating a career within real estate. The Property Data Collection Practitioner’s Guide developed by the MetGovis team will be the approved textbook for this course.

This short course walks the learner through understanding the following key modules, building on the theory and reinforcing the learning through practical exercises:

  • Property Data Collection Environment
  • Data Collection Planning
  • Property Data Sources
  • Communication for Property Data Collection
  • Physical Data Collection Inspections.
  • Data quality management
  • Application of Data Collection Theory