MetGovis is the leader in intelligent property and revenue management solutions for local government and other property professionals. We believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to making a difference within our socio-economic environment. MetGovis has aligned our CSI policy with our corporate values and focussed our efforts on areas where we believe will make a real difference in our country.

We strive to be proactive and passionate in real empowerment partnerships. Our objective is to make a positive, measurable and sustainable impact on identified projects.

MetGovis chose to partner with a Not for Profit organisation. The Domino Foundation. This organisation has a significant track record in achieving transformational change through a range of activities assisting orphaned and vulnerable children and youth.  Our dynamic relationship allows us to participate and be part of the organisation’s activities as our time allows. The partnership enables The Domino Foundation’s qualified and competent team to achieve significant results.

The Domino Foundation’ s programme includes the following community interventions:

Abandoned Babies Home – two transition homes for abandoned babies; which have facilitated over 100 children to be fostered or adopted.
Feeding Programme – serving close to 4500 meals each day through crèches, schools and holiday clubs.
Early Childhood Development (ECD) – focused on empowering the owners of ECD/Pre-primary centres, to provide a quality service, for the benefit of vulnerable children.
Life Skills Programme –a life-changing programme which empowers young people to understand that they are unique individuals with both purpose and destiny.

These interventions focus on the individual to empower, uplift, and transform their lives so that they too can impact those around them i.e. a domino effect.

In 2018 our Mandela Day initiative was focussed on the Salvation Army’s Children’s Home in Pietermaritzburg. The staff members spent the morning at the home and were touched to see how well the home is run and that the children are living in a warm and safe environment. We at MetGovis are pleased to see that they are being given a chance to achieve a fulfilling life. The company donated generously towards purchasing various supplies for the home, these were primarily baby milk powder and nappies.

MetGovis views our corporate social responsibility as an important component of our business. Our pursuit of service excellence is demonstrated through extending selfless generosity to vulnerable communities within our society. Our experience is that through this work both the beneficiaries and the company is rewarded.