MetWeb is a web-based multi-faceted application developed for quick access by users of the MetVal Valuation Roll Management System. There is a limited number of sub menus making for quick and efficient navigation.

MetWeb provides access to valuation roll values, property attributes, (size, condition, age, location etc) through a map enabled portal. Users are able to access the property records they require through a geo spatial platform. The web-based GIS allows for viewing attribute data spatially without having to swop between applications.

MetWeb supports the various valuation methodologies: comparable sales, income capitalization, discounted cash flow and depreciated replacement cost. There are also data capture templates for vacant land and agricultural properties.

One of the value add features is that MetWeb integrates seamlessly between the deeds data, various attached documents, cadastral and billing information. For municipalities to bill completely and correctly the records in the various data bases must be constantly aligned and updated. MetGovis’s InSight X geospatial reporting tool shows the user discrepancies to enable them to achieve revenue maximization.

Security is paramount and a sophisticated audit trail is included within the functionality. All transactions are recorded and the transactional audit trail logs all changes made within the system. User access enables users to access, capture and share information via an integrated messaging system. MetWeb allows for the export of files in several different formats including but not limited to xlsx, csv, Pdf. Data may be imported into MetWeb subject to meeting stringent validation rules to ensure data integrity.

MetWeb allows for the printing of both single and bulk statutory notices required for compliance with the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act 6 of 2004. These relate to Section 49 (general valuation notices to registered property owners, Section 53 (outcome of an objection review decision) and Section 78 (Supplementary valuation notice and outcome of the review).

MetWeb can also print Valuation certificates. Aside from the standard reports MetWeb allows for the customization of different reports styles through an integrated report writer. Valuation rolls may be printed individually or as a consolidated or billing roll. Roll formats are customizable and filters may be applied for ease of print.

Please don’t hesitate to contact MetGovis for a demonstration of the MetWeb application.