Janet is a catalyst who is aware that behind every successful business there is a great team. A property valuer by training, a career she only embraced when she was forty. An entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to see business opportunities in unexpected yet entirely obvious places. Janet believes that the further you go, the more you can see. She heads up multiple fin-tech companies, the new smart word for clever people who do clever stuff that matters. Her flagship company, MetGovis, partners with local government to integrate their property valuation rolls with their financial systems. This integration with the municipal financial systems, prescribed by National Treasury, enables MetGovis to support business intelligence (BI, another smart word) for revenue enhancement and ultimately more sustainable local government. A recent acquisition of a related company, BPG Mass Appraisals, specialises in providing valuation services to local government. This company presents business synergies and complimentary opportunities within the group.

GreenCloud, another company headed by Janet, leverages a similar geospatial technology platform in the agri-sector. By providing accurate reporting, farmers – especially emerging farmers – improve their productivity and national food security.

GovProp, another of Janet’s recent start-ups, provides a virtual platform for state owned entities to sell property to, or partner with, private sector property developers. GovProp aims to reduce the ‘friction’ typically associated with acquiring immovable property assets from the state. Our services cover the spectrum from consulting services to the respective state entity to presenting the investment opportunities to developers so they can make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Janet loves training people. MetGovis was delighted to launch its accredited training academy recently. The training will be provided via a hybrid model which allows virtual training to be supported by personal interaction with the facilitators or knowledge specialists.

Janet always assumes the best of people. Most respond positively. She is an inspiring leader, tireless and indomitable. She does not tolerate injustice and is utterly fearless in pursuit what is fair and good. Yet, beneath this fierce exterior is an authentic and approachable person who listens. Her absolutely favourite go-to special place is the bushveld, where she is able to rest and restore for the next adventure.  The real Janet is also vulnerable and a little afraid on most days.

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